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Wine lovers, rejoice: DC Wine Fest is hosting a fall edition this year.

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The National Union Building will serve as the venue for this celebration of wine that offers you the opportunity to sample some of the best varietals from the world over while also enjoying live music, taking in art and eating great food. Numerous ticket packages are available.

Historians, licensed tour guides, community leaders and business owners, among others, host these adventures that will take you to both well-known and hidden gems across DC. More Info Citywide. This includes 18th century music, a balloon launch, fire-eating, puppet and magic shows and chocolate-making. Artisans decked out in era-appropriate attire will also be on-hand demonstrating craftwork of the time and selling wares such as weavings, furniture and leather-workings.

The H Street Festival will feature live music, dance performances, family-friendly activities, contests and plenty of food vendors across its 14 staging areas, with dozens of businesses participating. Bring along the entire family to enjoy live music, authentic cuisine and educational activities regarding conservation in South and Central America.

Animal keepers will also be on-site for talks, feedings and demonstrations that highlight a range of animals from the region, including sloths, giant anteaters and Panamanian golden frogs! As evidenced by the title, the event will also offer 30 international and local beers, wines and spirits. This annual celebration of Latino culture includes a parade and a festival on back-to-back days, both held in the heart of the District. Both are free to attend! Beer and wine will be available as you stroll from appetizing booth to appetizing booth. Curated by Reporters, an investigative news organization, the Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival serves as the first and only film festival solely dedicated to investigative reporting on film in the United States.

Four days of screenings are accompanied by a professional symposium in which journalists and filmmakers discuss their storytelling. Fruit and cheese boxes to accompany your wine are available for purchase in advance. Snallygaster is here to let you beast out with over craft brews and ciders on Pennsylvania Avenue. Named after a mythical creature, the festival roars into its eighth year with a hefty lineup that also includes food trucks and plenty of live music.

Strange, Unusual, Gross & Cool Animals (An Animal Planet Book)

Pick from one of two advance ticketing options and you will be contributing to Arcadia, a nonprofit working towards a more sustainable food system in the area. You must be 21 or older to attend. VIP at 12 p. You can also dress up in your own costume, if ye so wish.

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One focuses on dreams, another on female storytellers; in one, have a conversation with your inner child and next up, go on a blind date with destiny. The entire experience aims to expand your reality through engaging and interactive touchpoints, many curated collaborations between artists, visionaries and brands. Saturday night's showcase is Notaro herself, while announcements are coming for Sunday's performance that rounds out the festival.

An all-access pass is available, but grab it quickly, as it sells out quickly each year. Score another fashion point for the assault of camo pants on skateboarding, particularly in VX media. Backside powerslides into traffic! Yeah, Bobby! Chase has been a rail chomper for as long as I can remember after meeting him about a decade ago at am contests we used to do. He's still mowing down the rails today in his ripping new TWS part. The front board to hurricane is becoming a popular stunt these days. Vern Laird put together a good times edit of Andrew Cannon and Chris Haslam in some serious doubles routines in the skate parks of Arizona.

California is recruiting visitors to the state with a budget for Bob Burnquist to build whatever he wants.

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So he floated a ramp on Lake Tahoe. So California! Is the love affair cooling off? I'm having some trouble this week digging up some teenie bopper love for the wood. Justin Bieber, do something!

Closing The Loop On Sustainability

Most of these spots are right outside my front door. Tampa local Chase Espinosa is shredding all around downtown Tampa.

Interesting Anteater Facts

Watching Gonz talk is just as entertaining as watching him skate. Tommy Fynn grew up skating in Brisbane. Ride's got a new episode of SKATE with him and homies that take you through a day of skating in his town. Tommy, please make it back to South Africa this year with us! Jordan and the 5Boro crew went on a road trip with Red Bull that looked pretty fun.

As I mentioned before, Red Bull Skateboarding and the site they're running has some on point skateboarding entertainment lately. P-Rod has a check-in with Devine Calloway if you've been wondering what he's up to. Ledge destruction here! In skateboarding, you go 10 miles that way. Some of the snappiest flips you'll ever see and some lines in here as you'd expect, mind blowing. Damn, another good one from Luan Oliveira, this time from Brazil where the ground is looking harsh but not a problem for anything Luan needs to do.

I think I might be starting to become a futbol fan. Looks like there was some ripping bowl skating down under before it got rained out for the Finals. Check Ben Rayborne's backside over the ladder.

20+ Fall Events & Festivals You Don't Want to Miss in Washington, DC

That was nuts! Billy Rohan and Rodney Mullen both went to the same high school? I didn't know that one. Billy hosts a feature on one of the best sites on the web right now, Jenkem Magazine. It's about time there was a new Plan B video, right??? I'm on tour of all the old guy spots in downtown Tampa today. I know most of our friends don't have weather like this right now. I'm enjoying it in your honor.

Even the ground feels good! My in-laws are always sending me newspaper clippings that have to do with skateboarding. I got some nice ones this week. Here's a few samples from the Rochester, New York local publications that your grandparents are reading and commenting on.

Meerkat Manor: Flower of the Kalahari

He's got a great kickflip frontside noseslide and some super sized pop out of ledge tricks. See you at Copenhagen Pro, Klaus. Nike just dropped Luan's part from Chronicles 2 and yep, it's of course worth a rewatch. Chase a shoe click just out of curiosity, too. Did you see how they made his shoes clickable? Interesting one. I remember being blown away by the Lurkville video premiere last year.

Transworld has one of the best parts from that. Dolan Stearns kills it with overalls on. Ricky Oyola kicks it off in this new Traffic Skateboards edit from the good north east cities. Wow, saw this link come through from Men's Health in Brazil. Leticia is the February girl of the month. From Pocahantis at The Berrics to this, ha. From the Contents section of Thrasher, here's Derek's rail chomp.

Zizzo sounds like it's a term from late 90's Snoop Dogg vocabulary. We've been watching Nick skate for nearly a decade at random Florida contests here and there. Then we started seeing him in Vegas and more on the west coast. Now he's got this ripping Stereo part that just came through.

Black Dave loaned his camo pants to Nick? From those to the cuffed up boyfriend jeans, Nick's pants variety in this part rivals any LA runway show. Nick sort of reminds me of a young, sober Eli Reed. Of course, there's a lot of ditch skating in that region. I love a good nerdy ass lookin' ripping skateboarder. I picture Shaun Gregoire doing particle physics or something after those unique tricks like fakie flip nosepicks. Check out his part from the Pyramid Country video. We'd like to welcome the Deluxe family to The Boardr Store!