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That is exactly what Trexler has done over the years for hundreds of three- and four-year-old children in her preschool classroom. Along with counting everything how many steps it takes to get anywhere, how many grapes are in their snack cup, how many blocks can they stack there are a few other ways to introduce basic math concepts to little ones. In fact, every season brings a new outdoor classroom right to you.


Early social studies lessons in school will teach your child the basics such as how people are like and different, why we need rules, and how to use maps, for example. Here are some creative ways to introduce these concepts to your child early on.

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Spending time with your kids, working on projects, laughing, and learning are all priceless. Hopefully some of these fun, do-at-home art projects will inspire your kids to get involved in arts education later on in their school careers and also help them foster a love of learn. Now an elementary public art teacher.

I wonder when I will have the drive again to create with the passion I used to have. This article was very comforting.

How would you describe your passion for art? and why do you have this passion for it?

I dream of the day I take myself outdoors again to paint!!! Thank you for serving in a very inspirational profession as an art school teacher. I can imagine the many lucky children in your class whose lives you change as you share your love of art and as you teach them to use art as a tool for self-expression, problem solving, and healing. Did you read the articles on this website about the importance of art in education?

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  8. There are several! As far as regaining your passion to create art the way you once did, instead of thinking back in time, enjoy the present time and seek new passions for creating art!

    Realistic lip drawing - graphite work

    When you go outdoors let nature speak to you, coax you… enjoy the wonderment… I hope you will soon be picking up the paint and easel for yourself without any other concerns, self-judgment, or objectives. Allow yourself to be your own teacher and enjoy the process of self-expression and healing. Your email address will not be published. Comments I have been a successful artist before the recession. The fight for the arts seems like a never ending battle, but this war is worth the trials and tribulations.

    The amount of determination artists show to keep support for their work is immeasurable. Art is more than a hobby, it is a burning passion that lights a fire in people's souls.

    When the thought of extinguishing that fire is brought up, it can be promised that these souls will make noise. It is said that our opinions are one of the few things that are truly ours, so how can we take away methods of expressing them? From the eyes of an artist, the only people who believe we can survive without forms of art are just blind to what it does for the brilliant minds creating it. Every time the paint hits canvas, bodies become lost in dance, or monologues ring through theatres, the light inside an artist burns brighter.

    The pure joy that comes from these types of self expression is so fierce that it makes emotions radiate.

    Passion & Perseverance in Haitian Art

    The feeling in your chest you get when creating tells you that you can change the world. Art is our great escape, a way to be free of the troubles, worries, and horrors in life. Art isn't something we can live without.

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