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Annoyingness also seems to be related to the senses — how we hear, see or taste in certain situations impacts how irritated or annoyed we get. Preventing, or at least lessening the effects of, annoyance takes patience and focus — intentional and conscious attention to what is annoying us and altering the situation to the best of our ability.

Chamberlain had just come into the game, the expectation that he could save his faltering team from losing the game. At first, he played as expected, creating plays and striking out batters, until the start of the eighth inning when everything changed.

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Unexpectedly, a swarm of insects descended on the field…gnat-like creatures know as midges. There were millions of them — non-biters but the sheer number of flying creatures was enough to put Chamberlain off his game — and the Yankees lost after 11 innings. This type of thinking is what psychologists call inattentional blindness , the idea that you can miss things that are literally under your nose if your attention is focused on something else.

The lesson here is intentional diversion. Focusing your attention on something else rather than trying to ignore the annoyance is key.

Try it out, next time you find yourself on one of those situations. When things have a rhythm but are not predictable, it grabs our attention whether we want it to or not.

Annoying : The Science of What Bugs Us

This is where patience and control comes in. Similar to Chamberlain and how the intentional focus on something else could have bettered his game, we must make conscious choices to focus our actions on what we can control during the annoying situations in our lives. Change the aspects of the situation you can control — and the annoyance will take care of itself. We all know certain things get under our skin. Can science explain why?

Palca and Lichtman take you on a scientific quest through psychology, evolutionary biology, anthropology, and other disciplines to uncover the truth about being annoyed. What is the recipe for annoyance? How often can you say you're happily reading a really Annoying book?

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The insights are fascinating, the exploration is fun, and the knowledge you gain, if you act like you know everything, can be really annoying. Seja a primeira pessoa a gostar disto.

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