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Most publications buy first rights, important because you can then re-use your devotionals in books. Writing devotionals is a good way to enter nonfiction writing, earn money, and make a positive impact on thousands of readers. Your experiences and those of others are rich sources for ideas. Then list what aspects of spiritual growth could come out of each such experience learning to pray more effectively, learning to bring the Good News to others, cultivating humility, etc. Before you go, be sure to grab my FREE guide:. Just tell me where to send it:. Share Pin Share 3. Do you enjoy writing?

Are you passionate about helping others grow in their spiritual lives? Click here to download my free self-editing checklist. A harried mom may read one just before bed. A busy teacher may read one during lunch.

Your 5th Grade Writing Checklist

The Writing Method When you settle on a passage of Scripture as your anchor text, read it in different translations. Need help fine-tuning your devotional? The Makings of a Good Devotional Your reader is giving you a few minutes, and in exchange you must provide an engaging piece of writing that offers new insights. Examine something with me. Stick with tangible images, things readers can see, touch, smell, hear, and taste. Five Basic Patterns Learn these and you can begin using them immediately: 1. The Self-examination Draw on personal experiences and use anecdotes to teach valuable lessons.

You Interact with Other People Report on something you learned from a friend, coworker, or family member. The Object Lesson Use a tangible object to parallel an event or circumstance. Begin today by answering: Did God use a specific verse of Scripture to change your life? Hows did it affect your outlook? Has God brought a person into your life to alter your direction? Like Philip with the Ethiopian eunuch, how did someone suddenly enter your life as a teacher, friend, mentor, or accountability partner?

When did God make Himself known to you in a dramatic way?

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Did you receive an answer to prayer regarding a health issue, financial need, or spiritual awakening that proved He was working in your life? Record the details. Had God ever reprimanded and brought you back in line when you were spiritually wayward? Did God use a deep hurt in your life to make you sensitive to others or to show you new ways to be effective to those you serve? So keep in mind: People live in many different financial and social conditions.

The distinctive beliefs of many denominations and theological traditions are precious to people and must be respected. Some readers have limited education. I want to know where can I start. The drawing needs patience and one must keep on repeating the pic till they get the better results. Then compare the first drawing and the final one. Will surely get the answer on how to improve. Great suggestions about patience and perseverance to get to the goal of better results.

Hey, I am in primary and I love drawing but the turn out horrendous. Then there is school. What should I do? So, my understanding of time is that we each have the same amount of it. When our schedules are full and we want to add something in, we have to remove something to make room for it.

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This is the art of time management… knowing what to stop doing and what to start doing. Can you find 30—60 minutes in a week to spend on your drawing skills? Are you playing video games, watching television, or wasting time anywhere? Can you limit these types of activities and focus on your art skills?

Also, there are thousands of art and design tutorials on YouTube which you can view for free.

There are ways to learn what you need to know without spending money. The trick is to apply what you learn. Also understand that no ones draws well starting out. I have sketchbooks full of less than wonderful drawings. We all start at the beginning, and build skill through practice. Can I learn how to draw really well even if I start in my early 20s?

Lewis Carroll

Can I actually become a genuinely good artist? You can start at any age. The key is, to put in the work. Becoming a genuinely good artist is a good goal, however you define that. When will you start? Do you have a sketchbook and drawing tools at least? Most people on my mailing list are beginners… of all ages. I recommend that you read other articles on this blog, view tutorials on my YouTube channel, and join the Eye Level Facebook Group for encouragement and feedback. All these links are in this article and elsewhere on this website.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. For those who want to draw better, here are a few recommendations: 1. Follow and connect with Alvalyn. Tags: how-to , drawing , Illustration , sketchbook , tutorial. Previous Post Sketchy Memories. Next Post David: Start to Finish.

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