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This book could be particularly interesting to readers who are unfamiliar with calculus, since it explains what calculus is about and how it is important and useful to society. The description of the process of differential calculus, which includes the basic rules, is also of value to readers with limited knowledge of calculus. The introduction to the process of integral calculus and its fundamental principles will also be valuable to such readers. The authors introduce the basic concepts of differential and integral calculus in a friendly manner and use descriptive vocabulary that is easy to comprehend.

My main criticism of the book is the use of "cats" and "mice" as devices to initiate conversations or draw parallels to essential concepts and principles of calculus. I find them inappropriate, too "cute," and perhaps even a little misleading in discussing the important tenets of calculus.

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The information about calculus is generally accurate but convoluted because of the "cats" and "mice" analogies, which I find distracting. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Calculus for Cats. Calculus without stress for everybody I'd like to translate this book in French! A very up-to-date scholling method giving a friendly scope of this difficult matter. Feb 04, Brian Enigma rated it liked it. It talks more about the underlying concepts and meanings versus the route symbol manipulation of calculus. I picked it up because it's been a decade or two since I studied calculus, and although I do still remember a lot of the symbol manipulation tricks, I only remember the fuzzy basics of the concepts behind them.

Because I'm approaching this as someone who already knows calculus, my views may be skewed. First off, this isn't really a textbook. Textbooks offer, at the very least, concrete examples and almost always have exercises.

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This has none, though it's not shy in apologizing. Secondly, the layout and graphics feel a little bit dated. I believe that it could really benefit from more graphs. It textually describes the relationship between a function and its derivative. Having experienced them before, I could easily follow. I worry that there are no graphs to more visually demonstrate a function alongside its derivative. I feel that a simple pair of graphs would have benefited the differential calculus section immensely: the correlation of minima and maxima to the derivative crossing the axis, and so on.

Third, the majority of the book was differential calculus — roughly the first three-quarters. The remaining quarter quickly blows through integral calculus. It doesn't spend near-enough time on the concepts and examples. It almost feels tacked on, compared to the rest of the book. Stylistically, it is a fun read, but technically it left me wanting for more detail, more examples, and exercises to verify that I really did follow what was going on.

Nov 17, Chris rated it did not like it Shelves: mathematics. I was hoping for a high-level level view of calculus - the kind of thing that ties together concepts that might get lost in the details of the textbook, but this book really felt disorganized. It had many errors not including the scanning-related errors of my Kindle version , and I felt many explanations were overly terse.

My "Required Calculus Textbook" ended up shedding more light on Calculus for Cat than Calculus for Cats shed on any of the concepts in my textbook. Also, the cat concept was I was hoping for a high-level level view of calculus - the kind of thing that ties together concepts that might get lost in the details of the textbook, but this book really felt disorganized. Also, the cat concept was inconsistent, and sometimes pretty forced. Jan 13, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: nonfiction. So cats are behind my inability to learn calculus!

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In praise of this book, I can only say that while reading it, I had the illusion that I actually could understand calculus. Pity it didn't last. Maybe if I read it again For a math book, this was awesome. It got me to laugh, and understand calculus better. Jul 15, Becky rated it liked it.

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  4. Started out interesting, but eventually lost me. Mathematics is not my forte, but I was hoping that some of the mystery would clear away, and perhaps I could appreciate it more.

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    Sep 28, Charles rated it really liked it Shelves: technology-computes-etc. A math book for people who like words and cats.

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    This book is great fun and imaginative. This book also teaches you the basic concepts behind calculus. No really, it does this will being hilarious! Steve rated it it was amazing Dec 13,

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