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Includes information on Cassatt and Morisot. Pisarro [sic], Renoir, Berthe Morisot.


Avec un dessin de Renoir. In her introduction, Garb explains how it is misleading to group these women artists together simply by gender and discusses their individual responses to 19th century avant-garde French art. Reproduces, annotates, and provides full catalogue entries for 32 representative paintings.

German ed. Stuttgart; Zurich: Belser, Reviews: C. Cruise, Art Monthly Feb. Thomson, Burlington Magazine April ; N. Details the early history of l'Union des femmes peintres, sculpteurs, graveurs, dcorateurs, with reference to the difficulties and challenges that women had in establishing themselves as serious artists in the late 19th century. Details the history of 1'Union des femmes peintres, sculpteurs, graveurs, decorateurs and the portrayal of women in 19th century French art.

Includes references to the women Impressionists. Bibliography, pp.


Review: M. London: Thames and Hudson, Investigation of gender representation in late 19th century French art that includes analysis and discussion of works by Morisot and Cassatt. Claude Monet, sa vie, son temps, son ceuvre. Cinquante-quatre illustrations hors-texte en noir et en couleur. Paris: G.

Cres, Other eds. Paris: Editions Macula, Artistes d'hier et d'aujourd'hui. Causeries sur les artistes de mon temps. Paris: C. Levy, Bibliotheque contemporaine.

Italian ed. Traduzione di Margherita Leardi. Milan: Feltrinelli, French ed. NY: Abbeville, Impressionist Women. London: WeidenfeldandNicolson, Women Impressionists in General Analyzes the role and representation of women in Impressionist art, including Degas' purported misogyny and Morisot's and Cassatt's empathy. Cassatt and her Circle; Selected Letters. NY: Abbeville Press, Includes selected letters describing Cassatt's life, and offers insight into her character.

Letters to and from friends and family span her student days, early years as a professional, Impressionist period, and late international fame. Gambrell, Art in America Dec. London: Duckworth, L Tmpressionnisme, son histoire, son esthetique, ses maitres. Focuses on Impressionist printmaking, including examples by Cassatt, Morisot, and Bracquemond, among other artists. The New Painting: Impressionism Exhibition catalogue that included paintings shown in the eight original Impressionist exhibitions.

L Tmpressionnisme et son epoque: dictionnaire international. London: S. Somenschein, Lowrey, Describes a painting of young girls by Morisot shown at an Impressionist exhibition, probably one in the s. Moore was an Irish poet and novelist, a.

Places: USA

French eds. Paris: A. Savine, A History of Women Artists. NY: Clarkson N. Potter, dist. Old Mistresses: Women, Art and Ideology. Explores women's place in the history of art and how women have been represented and misrepresented. See especially pages and for information on the women Impressionists.

Explores problems of interpreting the traditional art canon from a feminist perspective, including questions of sexuality and cultural differences, with examples and discussion drawn largely from 19th century European artists. See particularly Chapters for discussion and analysis of Morisot, Cassatt, Bracquemond, and Gonzales. The History of Impressionism.

Chinese ed. Koln: M. Firenze: Sansoni, ; Milano: A. Mondadori, Polish ed. Portuguese ed. Traducao Jefferson Luis Camargo. Sao Paulo: Martins Fontes, Romanian ed. Traducere de Irina Maurodin. Meridiane, Russian ed. Leningrad: Gos. Spanish ed. Barcelona: Seix Barral, Maitres d'hier et d'aujourd'hui.

Another ed.

Destin de femmes: Chelsea, 1927 ; Édith, 1943 ; Carol, 1950 (e-ros) (French Edition)

Manet et son temps, Japanese ed. Japan: Art Life Ltd. Manet et ses ceuvres. NY: Knopf, Includes 14 color reproductions by Cassatt, chronology, and bibliography pp. Peintres dejadis et d'aujourd'hui.

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Discusses women's art education, exhibition opportunities, societies of women artists, one- woman exhibitions, and membership in exhibiting societies and academies in France and England. Biographical section includes Cassatt pp. Includes tables of women's exhibitions in France and England.

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Overview of women artists' contributions to Impressionism that emphasizes Berthe Morisot's role and circle, including Cassatt, Gonzales, Edma Morisot, and Suzanne Valadon. A and Canada by St. Martin's Press, Discusses gender-specific characteristics identified by French critics in the works of Morisot, Cassatt, Camille Claudel, and other women artists. Public auction of Degas' private collection, held a year after his death.

Exposition du syndicat des artistes femmes, peintures et sculptures. The Crisis November-6 ofImpressionism, Exhibition of paintings, prints, and sculpture that appeared in the Impressionist exhibitions that included works by Morisot, Bracquemond, and Cassatt, among other Impressionists.

Preface by Jacques de Mons. Tokyo: Asahi shimbum, Included paintings, drawings, and one portrait bust. Marianne Delaford, Marie-Caroline Sainsaulieu. Preface par Arnaud d'Hauterives. Paris: Bibliotheque des Arts, Reviews: P. Piguet, L'Oeil Dec. Roullet, Gazette des Beaux-arts ser. Inshoha no hana: Morizo, Kasatto, August Gonzaresu ten.