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Actually, just as I was falling asleep last night, something yet again funny happened in my dream, so I woke myself up and I was kind of chuckling. So that's 2 nights in a row, which is really weird. We all have strange dreams I would imagine, but this is by far the strangest for me.

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I've had a number of dreams where I knew I was dreaming, which is a very odd feeling. I believe those are called lucid dreams or something. So for some discussion, I just want to know if anyone has woken up laughing, or has had any other dreams where something odd happened. Apparently you can also wake up crying, like if you have a really sad dream, but that's never happened to me.

I think I have woken up laughing before, it's hard to remember. I know I have had some nightmares that cause me to jolt up panting. I've had those sad dreams which if I woke up, I start crying. Like when I met my Ma in my dream, I start hugging her then after I woke up and realized it was all just a dream, I start crying. SoNin Oh yeah I forgot about those dreams that make you jump or spaz out. Those happen to me quite a bit, and I usually can't even remember the dream.

It just feels like I'm falling so I wake up and kind of flinch. Oh yeah I also sometimes get paralysis, where you can't control your body after you wake up. You're much more prone to hallucinations, and you can really freak yourself out if you don't know what's going on. I've also had this weird thing.. Only one time.

Laughing in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

I was 'asleep' and I felt like, if I didn't wake up I was going to die. It was like I was trying to wake up but I couldn't. It felt like I was being sucked into death and I was just struggling to get out and I barely did I once had a dream that I was using a sword or something maybe I've been playing too much Zelda :P and when I woke up my arms were flailing around like I had been using a sword and shield.

I've never woken up laughing though, but I have woken up, realized how completely silly my dream was, then start laughing. My dreams always have to do with something bad happening to me, so i always tend to wake up and being glad that it was just a dream. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Nah, I never had a dream that affected me in real life.

Those laughing dreams would be pretty cool to have though. Yes, I think that would be lucid dreaming that you're referring to TC. I've woke up and screamed before because something scared me in the dream.

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I dreamt once that I was drowning. I suddenly woke up gasping for air. I might have done this but I don't remember. I was sleeping in my car the other day and I dreamed that I had to stop at a red light, so I was trying to put my foot on the break and sit up in my seat to see if I was going to stop in time.

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  • I'm not sure if I was, but I felt half-awake; I tried so hard to sit up and I could not force myself to do so. It was weird. I woke up choking someone once. I've never woken laughing though. I once had a dream where I was being murdered by pillow choking When I woke up I was below my pillow Today I want to talk about three things songs can do. This post is inspired by one of my favorite quotes from Jim Valvano click here for speech. I believe that songs have many different roles, but every great song serves a purpose. In this article, I will be discussing three of those purposes.

    I believe great songs should make you laugh, make you think, or make you cry. Songs have been shown to directly affect mood, as studies have shown.

    They make you smile, they make you laugh, they make life better. One of my best friends here in Nashville Manning Rothrock does an excellent job of this. Manning says he writes for the girl who gave up on her dreams, is clocking out at 5 p. That is a worthy endeavor.

    R.E.M. – Losing My Religion Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

    We all need to laugh and enjoy life. Songs can help us do that. Songs can have a profound impact on how we see the world. Some of the most insightful pieces of art are the songs we listen to. Songs can impact how we interpret life events, view seasons of life, and find meaning in things we may have initially overlooked. So I would encourage each of you to write or listen to songs that make you think. A friend of mine Jakob Miller does this particularly well. He is able to capture the essence of moments and distill them into music that touches not just the heart but the mind as well.

    Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

    If you want to be a deep writer, as well as an educated listener, seek our songs that make you think. Songs that can make you cry are extraordinarily powerful. Tears occur when we encounter something so real, so relatable, that it moves us deeply.