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Cognitive Aspects Of Stimulus Control. Celtic Folklore Cooking. Holiness Exploring This Transforming Journey. Policing Terrorism Policing Matters Series. Metrics For It Service Management. Tolo had turned into a year-old pensioner with white hair, an untidy beard and a disheveled air. And yet his eyes still held a defiant look as if to say, the game is not over yet. Cursach is, above all, a player.

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People describe him as self-assured, astute, outgoing, aggressive and superstitious, nice, cruel, intuitive, with a certain degree of self-control and the capacity to roll with the punches. I watched him gamble with people who would bet their wives or their yachts. There were big games at his house on Mondays. People came from Madrid. And he lost when he needed to in order to finish up winning. They lived in a backwater town away from the coast, but Tolo had an uncle who worked at the exclusive Mallorca Tennis Club in Palma, an oasis of elegance at the heart of the capital, with its dozen immaculate clay courts and pavilion.

The club was founded in by a group of local aristocrats. In the s, Miquel Cursach brought his nephew to help him tend the grounds and serve the gentlemen who wore Lacoste and drank Scotch.

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Rising up through the ranks, he got to be a pivotal figure before being declared persona non grata in the s. Alomar would be his mentor; he would teach him good manners and how to cover up his debts. But when it became clear what Tolo was up to, there was a dramatic bust-up. He fleeced friends and hooked up with police officers, lawyers and influential civil servants. He closed shady deals and managed to open Smash, a fashion boutique. Smash was also the name of his first disco, which was little more than a shack in Arenal. He was just 20 years old and the s had just begun. Later there would be many more discotheques, paid for in cash.

Nobody knew exactly where the money came from. His first big project was Riu Palace in Arenal, predating the giant Megapark.

He became overlord of the night. Any tourist coming to Mallorca inevitably dealt with one of his businesses. His cash was limitless. He created a monopoly. He would get you closed down. He also wielded influence in the associations set up for businessmen. And within the police.

He had people in the PP and the UM draw up laws according to his needs. The nightlife empire provided Tolo with a strong base from which to dabble in other sectors such as real estate. His foray into the world of sport came to an end when FIFA banned third-party ownership of players in With the demise of Jaume Matas in , his fortunes began to change. But it was hard to get anyone to speak out against them because everyone knows everyone here.

Some had family members in their employ, including in fictitious jobs where they had never worked. Some owed a favor.