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The only time he deliberately used it, he says, was when he took on the role of the tough-as-nails Marine colonel, Nathan R. Jessep, in ''A Few Good Men'' in I'm usually very uncomfortable with the Jack part of it all. I'm too in admiration of so many people who do what I do. But because of what this picture is, I walked into that reading differently. I went in there to get them. I went in there ready to read this damn part and you better all be ready. Like many major stars, Mr.

Nicholson knows what audiences want from him. But he sees himself a little differently. When he got the starring role in the remake of ''The Postman Always Rings Twice'' in opposite Jessica Lange, he saw his chance to ''do the most erotic performance of my life. Nicholson says he wanted the scene to be so authentic that he convinced a reluctant Mr. Rafelson to show him fully aroused beneath his clothes.

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When the time came to shoot the scene, however, Mr. Nicholson found his anatomy would not cooperate. Rafelson to let him try again when they filmed ''Man Trouble'' in , and this time Mr. Nicholson's attempt was a success, he says, though he adds that no one has ever said they've noticed it in the movie. Nicholson's desire for realism in ''About Schmidt'' took a more pedestrian turn. He questioned insurance actuaries about their profession. Nicholson says he became the character of Warren Schmidt in much the same way he prepares for all his roles.

And I got into it enough to where I really didn't like it. I thought, am I ever going to be able to return to my regular self? The answer appears to be yes. When Adam Sandler shows up to visit toward the end of the interview, Mr.

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Nicholson greets him by yelling, ''Hey, it's the Sandman! Sandler, who retreats to another room. Unlike Warren Schmidt, who has been married for decades to a gray-haired woman played by the actress June Squibb whom he finds tedious, Mr. Nicholson freely admits he prefers to date women between 25 and 38, though he does see older women. I have a sweet spot for what's attractive to me.

It's not just psychological. It's also glandular and has to do with mindlessly continuing the species. Nicholson continues to be a fixture courtside at Lakers games and enjoys going to concerts like the one given recently by Paul McCartney. Evans says Mr. Nicholson often comes by four times a week to watch movies in Mr.

Evans's screening room. If I want to have a good time, I'm happier having dinner here. Unlike Warren Schmidt, Mr. Nicholson has no plans to retire. He speaks of his future with the same mix of bravado and worry that marked his early career. There's a real chance I could embarrass myself in this picture I just did with Adam because it's out of my comfort zone.

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I almost did it again to challenge that convention, to put myself somewhere where they can say, 'Jeez, he's overacting again. Log In. View on timesmachine. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Suddenly the front door flies open and Mr. Nicholson strides in. Ignoring her sand-encrusted feet, she stepped onto the blanket, sank back on her elbows and gazed dreamily up at the cobalt sky.

She ripped off the ribbon and tore at the paper. Inside was a dark red velvet box. She flipped open the lid, revealing two gold earrings set with dark blue sapphires. Love swelled inside her, almost making her swoon. Unshed tears stung the backs of her eyes. She kissed him again, deeply, lovingly. When they broke their embrace, Billy rose and walked over to his wooden dinghy, untied the plastic mistletoe, and returned, attaching it to a stumpy mangrove bush next to where they were lying on their towels. He lay down next to her again.

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She still remembered how his eyes looked that day—deep, dark pools exuding love. He bent his head and kissed her. Their embrace, fuelled by their love, fanned the flames of passion.

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There, on the sandy crescent of beach on Kingfisher Island, with no witnesses save some gulls and a few waterbirds, they consummated their love for the first time, pledging their devotion—and their lives—to each other. Handsome, charismatic and very, very sexy — how is she going to keep him from sabotaging her heart? After receiving a reprimand for arriving late, Maria had grilled her over Connor Rathmore and found her answers less than satisfactory.

Then the lecture started on her appearance. Where were the shoes? Molly loved her half-sister, Aimee, despite the fact the girl was spoilt rotten. Underneath all the embellishments she really did have a good heart. She appraised the man before her. She steeled herself not to react to him. Right to the heart.

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Very inconvenient and impossible, the idea could not be entertained. Not for a millisecond. The consequences would be devastating. He stepped through the door, so close the heat radiating off his body hit her like a furnace. Her natural reserve began to melt. The scent of him was so… masculine and her knees wobbled as she caught her breath.

He smiled as if aware of the effect he had on her. They stood in silence side by side while they waited. The animal magnetism between them shimmered, increasing with every passing second. She stumbled into the lift. This situation would need careful handling.