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When Burne-Jones visited the house and saw the paintings in their new setting he decided to extend the frames of each of the four paintings and fill in the gaps with joining panels which continued the rose motif from the main paintings. The paintings do not tell a sequential story but record the same moment in each location.

The painting depicts the discovery of the sleeping soldiers by a Knight. In their slumber they have become completed entwined by the barbed thorns of the Briar rose. Running beneath each of the major panels is an inscription of a poem by William Morris , under The Briar Wood the inscription reads:.

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The painting shows the scene in the Council chamber. The members of the council sleep, as does the King who is slumped on his throne.

Under the draped curtains and through the window further soldiers can be seen sleeping. The painting shows the weavers having fallen asleep at their loom. The walls of the castle form the backdrop to the painting as do arches of roses. The sleeping beauty lies on her bed surrounded by her slumbering attendants. The rose is seen encircling the drapery in the background. Here lies the hoarded love, the key To all the treasure that shall be; Come fated hand the gift to take And smite this sleeping world awake. The paintings depict a moment in the story of " Sleeping Beauty ", the title of the series coming from the version presented by the Brothers Grimm in their collection of Burne-Jones created two other series of paintings on the same subject.

Listen to this article Thanks for reporting this video! Our magic isn't perfect You can help our automatic cover photo selection by reporting an unsuitable photo. The cover is visually disturbing. The cover is not a good choice. John McBain saved Sam by shooting and killing Ronnie. After the ordeal with Ronnie, Lulu thought that she might be pregnant, but it was a false alarm. However, Dante and Lulu decided that they were ready have a baby.

Their joy turned to disappointment when they learned that Lulu was unable to carry a baby to term. However, Lulu's best friend, Maxie Jones, offered to be a surrogate to help them realize their dream. A short time later, Maxie discovered that she was pregnant. Dante and Lulu were overjoyed, but they did not know that Maxie had miscarried their embryo. Maxie was pregnant with Spinelli's child, but she was determined to give it to Dante and Lulu.

The morning after Dante and Lulu shared their first sonogram picture with a small gathering of family, Dante awoke to discover that his wife was missing. Stavros Cassadine had Lulu imprisoned in a cryogenic chamber. To Dante's horror, Lulu woke up believing that Stavros was her husband. In time, Dante's love for Lulu sparked the return of her memories.

Dante and Lulu decided to honor Connie's memory by naming their daughter after her.

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On the day of Connie's christening, lab technician Brad Cooper arrived at the church and announced that Spinelli and Maxie were Connie's biological parents. Dante and Lulu were deeply hurt by Maxie's betrayal, but they remained committed to raising Connie. However, Maxie had bonded with her daughter during the pregnancy, and Spinelli was eager to raise his daughter, so a vicious custody battle ensued. In the end, Spinelli was awarded custody. He took his daughter, who had been named Georgie after her beloved deceased aunt, and moved to Oregon with his girlfriend to raise his daughter. Maxie was eventually permitted to have visitation with her daughter, but her relationship with Lulu had taken a heavy hit.

Dante and Lulu's marriage had also been hurt because Lulu blamed Dante for not fighting harder to keep Connie. Lulu moved out, but Dante refused to give up on his marriage. He and Lulu worked through their problems, but their marriage became strained once again when they learned that their remaining frozen embryos had accidently been destroyed.

Worse, Lulu was told that she had stopped producing eggs, so any hope of biological children had vanished. However, a short time later, Liz discovered that Dante was the father of Britt Westbourne's son, Ben. Britt confessed that her mother, Liesl Obrecht, had stolen an "anonymous" sample from the lab, which Liesl had used to impregnate Britt. It was a lie. Liesl had stolen one of Dante and Lulu's frozen embryos, which meant that Ben was Dante and Lulu's biological son.

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It took months before the full truth about Britt's deception was revealed, but once Dante and Lulu were united with their son, they named him Rocco and settled into life as a family of three. Dante and Lulu agreed to drop all charges against Liesl in exchange for the remaining frozen embryo. Lulu's joy at motherhood also allowed her to forgive Maxie for everything that had happened with baby Georgie. By that time, Maxie had worked hard to turn her life around and was happily planning a wedding to her spiritual guru, Levi Dunkleman.

Unfortunately for Maxie, Levi was a wolf in sheep's clothing who had targeted Maxie. Dante and his new partner, Nathan West raced to rescue the women, but the men were captured then taken to Creighton-Clark Clinic. While there, Stavros Cassadine was revealed to be alive. In Dante's presence, Stavros announced that Lulu would be implanted with an embryo from an egg harvested from Lulu that Stavros had fertilized. However, Dante shot and killed Stavros before he could carry out his plan.

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After Dante and Lulu returned home, Dante was ordered to investigate Lulu's father, Luke, on suspicion of mob-related activities. Dante and Lulu both agreed that Luke had behaved strangely, but they believed that everything was fine after it was discovered that the man believed to be Luke had really been Cesar Faison in disguise. The real Luke had been imprisoned in a psychiatric facility for months. However, Dante continued to believe that something was off with Luke, and he confronted him at Luke's family home.

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Luke pushed Dante down the stairs, hit him over the head with a crowbar, and locked him in the basement with a bomb. Nathan rescued Dante in time, but Dante was forced to tell Lulu that her father had tried to kill him. Luke had suffered dissociative identity disorder because of an abusive alcoholic father and the events surrounding Luke's mother's tragic death. Luke was forced to face his demons, and once his legal troubles were behind him, he left town to start over in Amsterdam. Eventually, Tracy Quartermaine left town and reunited with Luke. In the summer of , Dante and Lulu's marriage was tested when Lulu's ex-flame, Dillon Quartermaine, returned to town.

Dante grew increasingly jealous until he convinced himself that his wife had been unfaithful with Dillon.


In a fit of anger, Dante acted on his attraction to Lulu's cousin Valerie Spencer. Valerie had moved to town after her mother, Luke and Bobbie's elder sister, Patricia, had passed away. Dante and Valerie had hit it off from the beginning, and their friendship had deepened when Valerie had decided to pursue a career in law enforcement.

Dante immediately regretted his one-night stand with Valerie and realized that he had been wrong about Lulu and Dillon's friendship.