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The Airbus A is a jet airliner created and manufactured by the company Airbus. It is a double-deck, wide body jet aircraft, with four engines and is currently the biggest passenger airplane in the world. Because of its huge size, any airports which operates services with it had to upgrade its facilities to accommodate it. This aircraft was created to challenge the Dreamliner and other prolific aircraft models created by competitor Boeing. It made its first flight on the 27th April , and completed its first commercial flight on 25th October with the airline Singapore Airlines.

The Airbus A is famous for its operating silence.

It has much quieter engines and systems, which give passengers peace to enjoy their journey or relax and have an undisturbed sleep. Its large flying range of over 15,km means that its used on some of the longest non-stop flights on the world. They also fly shorter routes, with transatlantic flights from Europe to East Coast USA being some of the most popular! The Airbus A is also known for having a great anti- turbulence system, meaning passengers enjoy a smoother and more stable journey. Mood Lighten on the Airbus A does more than just create a nice aesthetic. The carefully placed lights allow passengers to adjust to the time zone in their destination and minimise jet lag.

Alongside this, the cabin air is refreshed and recycled every 2 minutes to ensure passengers are left feeling fresh throughout the duration of your flight. Even in economy class! With a inch seat pitch in economy, going up to 86 inches in first. Economy seats are inch wide, giving a comfortable seat in every class. The Airbus A is one of the aircraft to include a tail camera which passengers can view in their in-flight entertainment system.

With its quiet aircraft, it also meets standards for operation in some of the most noise-sensitive airports in the world. Furthermore, the greater capacity of the plane means that more passengers are transported one less aircraft. On the A, there is so much room that there is even room for an onboard bar! Some airlines even include showers so you can freshen up above the clouds. In addition, airlines such as Etihad and Singapore Airlines have created luxury living spaces such as apartments which includes private sofas or double beds.

Photo Credit: Brussels Airport. Although the primary users of the Airbus A are Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Qantas, there are other airlines that use this aircraft. Emirates, however, have the most As in their fleet, totalling 94 with another 12 on order. The airlines that currently have As in their fleet are:.

A380 Destinations

As of December , there were As in service, but there are more on order by many airlines. Price depends on where and when you are travelling, as there are cheaper times to fly during the year, as discovered in our cheapest day to buy flights blog. If also depends what class you are flying in, as Economy will be a lot cheaper than Business or First as there are fewer luxuries.

The passenger capacity of the Airbus A depends on the setup and layout of the plane. This is because first class and business class seats take up more room, so if there are larger sections for first and business class, there will be a lower capacity. However, the maximum possible passenger capacity on the Airbus A is , with many airlines opting for the standard set up giving seats.

However, the Boeing is a longer model. This still makes the Airbus A bigger than the Yes, the Airbus A can land in India and flies to airports which have been equipped to accommodate the aircraft; New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. This, however, has not always been the case. Until , the A could not land in India due to policies in place by the Indian government, due to worry foreign airlines may damage the profits of Air India.

However this ban was lifted and A began service in India. Children Infants To this day, no As are used as VIP jets. There was also going to be a cargo version of the A, but it never got built after FedEx cancelled its order. Seat counts range dramatically among airlines that operate it, ranging from a low of seats on some Singapore configurations to on the high-density layout that Emirates flies on some routes. Those seats are the undisputed world record for most people ever on a passenger airplane.

The life of the Airbus A380

The record for most people ever on a plane belongs to El Al. During a rescue operation carrying Ethiopian Jews to Israel, a cargo was crammed with more than 1, people. And what if you want your personal butler on a plane? Only the A offers that, to passengers who have a lot of money or a savvy strategy to use their points , in the ultra-first class known as The Residence aboard Etihad.

On the other hand, to experience the famous onboard bar on Emirates , you just need a ticket in business or first class. It spends on average about 17 hours in the air. Which of course we had to review , because we really are A buffs. It is indeed a joystick — the trademark of every Airbus except the early A and A Boeings have traditional yokes, but Airbus has dispensed with those since the s, when it introduced the A, the first airliner using fly-by-wire.

On Airbuses, they do so using those joysticks — or sidesticks, as pilots call them. Sometime in the s, likely, the last revenue flight of an A will touch down. What will take its place? In short: nothing.

How To Enjoy An A Flight Before They Go Away

No plane currently being designed matches its size or capabilities. After , the new holder of the title for largest passenger airplane in the world will be… well, the same as the old one. The Boeing will become again the biggest guy around. The fabled Queen of the Skies is just as dead, commercially, as its would-be European rival. If you consider airplanes that are actually being produced and sold, not just offered in a sales brochure, then the biggest one in the post-A era will be the Boeing That is a beautiful airplane, but it is made to be practical and efficient, not an opulent flying palace.

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