Manual Health Care: The Killing Fields of America

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In light of the impending national crisis and shortage of Nurses this book gives a very unadulterated version of the disease processes costing hospitals millions. Consultants continue to place the band-aid on the blown artery while inpatient staff have surrendered View Product. Set in a near-future emergency department, A Sick System opens with a mother waiting to Set in a near-future emergency department, A Sick System opens with a mother waiting to see her sick eight-year-old son, his parents' only focus being his recovery. Then comes Universal Health Care and treatment is forever changed-as are the lives Advancing Oral Health in America.

Though it is highly preventable, tooth decay is a common chronic disease both in the Though it is highly preventable, tooth decay is a common chronic disease both in the United States and worldwide. Evidence shows that decay and other oral diseases may be associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

This is a survey of the American Health Care System taken daily from research and This is a survey of the American Health Care System taken daily from research and press reports for a period exceeding one year.

Photographer Ed Kashi documents how chronic kidney disease is affecting rural India.

Written in a blog-book style the book offers the book plus a PDF file with live links Are We Feeling Better Yet? Arguably, no other contemporary issue has stirred so passionate debate as health care reform. In this collection of 21 essays, women from around the country advance this discussion by recounting their individual efforts to access and receive quality health care By the Fates, Fought. Then some began to at least consider the white supremacy at the root of the attack. CNN 's anchor Wolf Blitzer, glued to his chair for hours of coverage, urged everyone to report to the police anything that could hint of violence to come.

He didn't say what to do if you saw "something online that's full of hate" that came from the White House. What's different is the president's willingness to state and repeat and defend his racist, xenophobic rants. No defensiveness from this president—caught in the low act, he goes lower. Speaking at a Florida rally a while ago, Trump shouted his certain-applause line, "how are we going to deal with people crossing [the US border] in such numbers? Trump stands back, cocks his head, smiling. Appreciating their cheers.

Then he smirks, leans into the microphone, and says, "only in the Panhandle you could get away with that statement.

5 Of The Worst Killing Fields in America

He smiles. Only in the panhandle. Except the racism, the xenophobia, the white supremacy—they've already spread far beyond the panhandle.

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That's where the resistance goes too—spread far and wide beyond trump's rallies. Phyllis Bennis is a fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies. Follow her on Twitter: PhyllisBennis. This is the world we live in.

The Texas killing fields and the highway of death

This is the world we cover. Because of people like you, another world is possible. There are many battles to be won, but we will battle them together—all of us. Common Dreams is not your normal news site. We don't survive on clicks. We don't want advertising dollars.

We want the world to be a better place. But we can't do it alone. It doesn't work that way. Tyner describes the chilling instrumentalism of the CPK, which held that people only had worth to the degree that they could produce rice. The book does not explain these aspects of the DK regime, instead ending rather abruptly. Tyner adopts the term STV from Cambodia expert Michael Vickery, who in his book Cambodia, — uses a somewhat different, broader definition:. In addition to direct extermination of … class enemies, the STV holds that the regime deliberately abolished schooling, medical care, and religion; sought to destroy the family, in particular by tearing children from parents; and through deliberate efforts to deprive the population of an adequate diet, caused the deaths of large numbers of those people who escaped the extermination dragnet.

Ethnic minorities, in particular the Muslim Chams, are supposed to have been special extermination targets. But not all the elements of the STV are incorrect. Ben Kiernan has shown that the Khmer Rouge did in fact target ethnic minorities. Almost the entire Vietnamese minority was either driven out of the country or massacred. Were the Khmer Rouge Marxists?

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  • The Khmer Rouge certainly saw themselves as exemplary Marxists and communists — but why should we take their word for it? There is little reason to assume many of them seriously studied Marxist theory.

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    And when they did, they gave their own, very peculiar twist to those ideas. Similarly, public statements from party leaders and interviews of CPK leaders with foreign visitors were remarkably vapid. But the Khmer Rouge thought something very different: they assumed their rule would give people extraordinary new abilities. A Vietnamese delegation was told that after only three months of practice, Cambodian textile workers could simultaneously operate seven machines. Often, that was enough to mark them as an enemy to be killed.

    The CPK was one of the most extreme outcomes of such fermentation. The brother and sister combatants of the revolutionary army … sons and daughters of our workers and peasants…were taken aback by the overwhelming, unspeakable sight of long-haired men and youngsters wearing bizarre clothing making themselves indistinguishable from the fair sex …. Our traditional mentality, mores, traditions and literature and arts and culture and tradition were totally destroyed by U.

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    But neither explanation can fully account for the escalation of violence during the DK period. In deciding who was an enemy, the CPK used ethnic criteria.

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    • At a meeting in May , the CPK leadership had already decided to expel the entire Vietnamese population from Cambodia. One survivor recalled a CPK cadre addressing a crowd shortly after their victory:. As you all know, during the Lon Nol regime the Chinese were parasites on our nation …. The population of each village will be divided into a Chinese, a Vietnamese and a Cambodian section.

      Pictures Show the Mysterious Disease That's Killing Field Workers

      Some of you are not Cambodian, stand up and leave the group. Remember that Chinese and Vietnamese look completely different from Cambodians. Anyone whose face looked foreign was different was dragged out. We have leaped over the neocolonial, semi-feudalist society of the American imperialists, the feudalists and capitalists of every nation, and have achieved a socialist society straight away … [In China] a long period of time was required … [North Korea] needed fourteen years to make the transition.