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Yogasanas Learn a set of 36 powerful postures yogasanas to enable the system to sustain higher dimensions of energy. Bhuta Shuddhi Learn a process to cleanse the 5 elements within the human system.

Introducing Yoga to the Classroom - Yoga Practice Blog

Android App. Privacy Policy. Powered by Fastly. Wear light, comfortable clothes that allow plenty of movement. As with any exercise, a big meal is not a good idea before your class, but remember to drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. You should make sure your teacher knows if you have any medical conditions or are taking medication.

If you are, or think you might be, pregnant, ask your teacher if the class is suitable before you book. A yoga class usually lasts around an hour.

Introducing Aerial Yoga at Six Senses Spa Nha Trang

A beginners' class should introduce you to the basic theory of yoga, and guide you gently through some basic positions and circular breathing techniques. You will warm up with deep breathing and gentle movements, then move through to a series of poses, which you have to hold for a few seconds to build your strength and balance.

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A class will usually end with a guided meditation where you sit or lie comfortably and clear your mind. To help with this, your teacher may tell you to imagine yourself, for example, in a garden, or focus on every part of your body in turn. The teacher may lightly ring a bell or hum to let you know when to end your meditation.

What is yoga good for? Finding the right yoga class for you What happens during a yoga class?

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While yoga can help balance overwhelming sensations and emotions, it can also help us access and release emotions that are stored in the body but have been separated from our conscious thought processes. Whether the result of traumatic experiences or just from chronic patterns of holding tension or stress in the body, most of us, at least to some extent, can become avoidant or cut-off from certain feelings or emotional memories. Through stretching and the release of muscle tension, yoga brings greater understanding to behavioral patterns by allowing us to access these deeply held, often-unresolved feelings.

Consequently, a regular yoga practice combined with psychotherapy can open the way for greater healing and self-knowledge.

The group will begin in late July and is open clients at the Center as well as the public.