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Fast and serious. XXXVI, nature of the source text, then the process and goals of translation appear in a different light. My hope is that further research into the neglected area of self-translation will resolve a significant theoretical aporia in the field while simultaneously contributing to a new conception of the goals, strategies, and nature of translation.

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Enlarging Translation, Empowering Translators. Whyte, Christopher. Kosslyn et R. Ainsi des jouets objets concrets: cubes de bois, tapis, jeu de cartes, etc. And who knows Soon the universe. And who knows By and by the universe. Falls and makes rings in the water Falls in the water and makes circles. Ces questions restent ouvertes. Il joue 82 FLS, Vol. Joie de jouer! Dancette, J.

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Dancette, et L. Meta Calderon Quindos, T. Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics 3 : Fauconnier, G. Espaces mentaux. Aspects de la construction du sens dans les langues naturelles. Cognitive Science 22 : New York: Basic Books, Folkart, Barbara.

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Second Finding. A Poetics of Translation. Lakoff, George. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Meschonnic, H. Verdier: Lagrasse, Fr. Saint-Denys Garneau, Hector de. My observations are based on the analyses of experts in the field — linguists, authors, translators —, on my own experiences as a translator, and on some non-analytic but intuitive insights that I have gained over the course of the past twenty years.

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In addition, I hope to show that literature and all cultural and artistic forms of expression are political, each in their own way. Thus, translation is for me also an act of political activism. But so with all, from babes that play At hide-and-seek to God afar, So all who hide too well away Must speak and tell us where they are. In this essay I discuss three facets of translation and the revelations it aspires to disclose.

The first of these, of course, are the familiar linguistic discoveries that we make during the working process. Secondly, there are the cultural differences and similarities revealed by the texts through which, as this translator hopes, we come to know one another better. Finally, there are the revelations that my work has brought me on a personal level. Human language is the one specific characteristic that sets us apart from other living creatures and should thus, logically, offer our species a great chain of solidarity. Sadly enough, however, the spoken word is all too often perhaps even more often than not?

We get in trouble over language and people kill each other over words. These are but a few of the infinite ways that prove we are not communicating well, or at all. How complex, then, is the interchange and subsequent attempt at really grasping what is being said or written in a language that is not our own.