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Angel Witch. Toxic Holocaust. Marie Mew Public Figure. Pages Liked by This Page. Acid Witch.

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Trve Kvlt Coffee. Dark Easter Metal Meeting. Speed Clothes. Midnight Mexico. Brutal Assault. Roadburn Festival. Metal Blade Records. International orders containing an out-of-stock item will be held until the complete shipment can be fulfilled. International orders may be subject to additional duties and taxes not included in the transit costs.

All international orders are shipped via FedEx International Priority. Domestic and International shipping rates can be viewed in the checkout screen prior to completing the order process. All delivery methods will be delivered on business days by 3 p. Please contact a Cerakote Firearms representative for details at All of that plus a hint system, the ability to play with keyboard and mouse as well as game controllers, tons of replayability, and a very long list of etceteras.

Over the past two years, we have received very positive feedback from our community and the press , which keeps us motivated and helps bring us closer to the finish line. When 3 Minutes to Midnight was but a fever dream almost three years ago, we had a clear vision of what we wanted—and went for it!

This is our first game, and our lack of experience made some steps in this arduous process take longer. No matter what, though, we've never lost our forward momentum. We have one clear objective—to create one of the best point-and-click adventure games ever made. Nothing, no matter how minor, has been neglected. A few months ago, while working on secondary plots for our characters, we realized that if we truly wanted to make them justice, we'd need to expand many aspects of the game a considerable amount.

We want to do it, but we also know that in order to accomplish such feats, we need your help! We want to work together with our fans to create a new point-and-click game that will occupy a special spot in your heart —just like the great games of old. There are plans for mobile support for Android and iOS, but this is dependent on stretch goals and will take more time.

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For now, the game is being released on Steam. We know how important it is for our backers to be able to choose a DRM-free version. Therefore, you will be able to choose your preferred platform in a survey we will be sending out after the campaign is over. However, please keep in mind, this campaign is only for the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. With enough funding, we can deliver a product that will take your breath away. In the end, the fate of this game depends on you. Get a unique and very special digital edition of 3 Minutes to Midnight.

Take this small extra step, because where else would you get these awesome rewards? Nowhere, because some of these are exclusive to this tier! Do you have a sidekick just like Betty? You guys share everything. For those of you who identify with this, or simply for those who like getting two of the same thing, you can get the same rewards from our basic tier… TWICE!

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That means two games for you. By popular demand! Get all the digital goodies from the previous tier, but this time with a little upgrade—we will put your name in the credits! Love physical media but hate big boxes? Receive a physical Kickstarter exclusive PC-DVD case edition, plus a digital copy, access to our backers' Discord, the digital artwork, posters, 4K wallpapers, and the soundtrack!

Save space and get the same great stuff. Love vintage style as much as you love games? This is the perfect reward for people like us, because yes, we collect game boxes… lots of them! It includes the same rewards as the previous tier, but we replaced the backer's t-shirt with the physical art book. The ultimate tier, because you went above and beyond. Will you help Betty in her time of need, or just get in her way? Keep in mind, there are only 4 spots for this tier.

First come, first served, so move quickly! Get all the goodies from the previous tier. But careful, everything you say can and will be used to create a criminal record of yourself. Lucky for you, the sheriff's never seen your face, so only the description of your crimes will be accessible in his collection of cold cases. We'll let you name a prominently displayed bottle of liquor in the tiki bar and write a description of its contents. For best results, stir with a wrench.

It also features the exclusive hint book, the 3 Minutes to Midnight comic both physical and digital editions , and the amazingly detailed art book.

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Your name will appear in the credits but in a special spot reserved just for you. Still need more? Every single member of the team will sign your game box.

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You want even MORE? Oct 8, - Nov 8, 31 days.

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