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Digital Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Just be sure to get your point across and remember you just have to be a few steps ahead of your audience. This is going to be a giveaway to build your list.

By building a list with your own eBook people begin to know your name. You are instantly increasing your authority in the niche. Now when you send out an email to that list they are more likely to open it to see what you have to say. So once you have finished your eBook you want to automate the system so you can start to build your mailing list — hands off. What I mean by this is you set up a squeeze page where you will drive traffic.

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The page is designed to persuade people to give you their name and email address and in exchange they get to download your eBook. Your squeeze page should consist of bullet points telling people what they can find in your eBook. Also you can an opt-in form on your squeeze page so you can capture your visitors name and email address. To get an opt-in form and to automate the system you need an auto responder system. I recommend you use Aweber for this because they are the best in the business. They have step by step instructions, tutorials and live support if you get stuck with anything.

The Complete Newbie's Guide to Marketing - Copyblogger

It will include the link to download your eBook. Once you have this set up on autopilot you can concentrate on generating traffic to your squeeze page. Now sign up for an Aweber account, play around with it and look at the tutorial videos to see how it all works. Here are some of the methods that I use to drive traffic to my sites. This is a very easy and effective way to drive traffic to your blog. You simply visit blogs related to your niche and leave an informative comment with a link back to your blog below their latest blog post.

Try and leave a comment that has great value so when people read your comment they will click the link to your blog. Or even adding your comment to a previous posters comments where it makes sense. Even worse is to automate commenting and become a spammer remember that Akismet plugin I mentioned earlier. Take your time to leave a comment with value and you will see results.

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Twitter can be a very effective way you can drive traffic to your blog. You can build a large following of targeted people who are also interested in your niche. Put you niche into the search bar on Twitter and check out the results. You will find out who is posting right now.

What videos are out there. Who are some of the industry influencers. Questions that people are asking. And even who are some of the competitors.

Brands that Trust Disruptive

Now when you blog you can post a link on Twitter which drives people to your post. Pick the most compelling bits of your post and test, test, test. It is very easy to set up your free twitter account. Add 5—10 Tweets to get the ball rolling. Tweet images and gifs to add some humor and personality. I think you get the idea. Just be you and have fun with it. A good way to keep track of your activity is with some 3rd party tools. Grow your following by targeting like minded people. Then simply follow them and follow their followers. When you write great content for your industry you can share it on other related blogs that have high traffic and authority.

Guest posting and blogging is a great way to build your personal brand. It makes an awesome marketing channel for your blog. You want to target posts on sites that are relevant for your niche, have an active audience and will include backlinks to your blog and your mini bio in your post. Google is a great place to search for guest blogging opportunities. You want to use keywords that are relevant for your niche and filter the results to find the blogs that accept guest posts.

You can replace keyword with keywords from your industry:. You can use the list of guest posting sites at Guest Post Tracker to find one some opportunities quickly. I love press releases as a tool to drive tons of traffic to my sites fast. In addition by including keywords you can get ranked for topics and answers that your audience finds of value. The key is to write in a newsworthy style and not like a sales letter or advertisement. You need to have something of value if you want to get non-paid organic media attention.

You can write in the press release that you launched a new blog about whatever niche you chose and write what people can get from your blog. You can write a separate press release for your eBook. To find out how press releases are written go to PRweb. There are lots of press release sites out there but the most popular one is PRweb. You can also pay for distribution of your release to really maximize your exposure.

In some industries like cryptocurrency paid releases are the dominant form. See what works in your niche. Forums sites are very focused and where people discuss or ask questions on a particular topic. Visit forums related to your niche, have a look around them and see what people are talking about. Remember to listen before you speak.

Set up your profile. Add value by answering some questions. Engage and if you see a thread where you think you can add value post a reply to that thread.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/ Pay Per Click (PPC)

Be sure to observe the rules of the forum or you may get banned. Some forums will encourage you to post an introduction when you join. This is your opportunity so make it compelling but not salesy.

understanding online marketing basics and fundamentals

Keep the focus on the subject matter and adding value for the forum. Members can visit your profile to find your link and connect with you for more info. When you post a reply or post a new thread there will be links back to your sites in your signature on the bottom of each post so if people see that you are posting a lot in the forum and your posts contain great value they will click the link to your site to find out more of what you have to offer. Signing up to forums are generally free and easy. Video marketing is probably the most powerful way to drive traffic to your site.

People love to watch a video to learn something rather than reading text. And with the growth of mobile your video needs to be friendly for these viewers. You must get your point across a lot quicker and add elements of entertainment or gamification to keep peoples attention. The trend with marketing videos is shorter meaning — seconds.