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The parents learn to see beyond their prejudices, and each new, eccentric customer expands their world view; meanwhile, the children begin to decipher their largely affectionless household as a space of love and support. In the end, everyone more or less gets along. And yet this quality is precisely why I kept watching. Our most prestigious television series often double as commentaries on modern life.

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Kim profiles his customers according to a matrix of race, gender, and shoe color, showing a baffling, cheerful genius. By Eren Orbey. Written by Guy Busick and R. In the trailer, dolled-up aristocrats descend to a basement whose walls showcase dated weapons beside stuffed moose heads and oil portraits of Civil War-era forebears. The nobles are bracing for a bloodletting, but theirs is no sombre enactment of deep-held prejudice or state-sanctioned violence. During the ceremony, three svelte housemaids eye Grace with silent disdain.

In order to honor the terms by which the Le Domas ancestors secured their wealth, Grace and her new relatives must play a game of hide-and-seek. As one relative squats on the toilet to trawl the Internet for information about crossbows, the new bride rips off the bloodied train of her dress, swaps her heels for high-tops, and repurposes a teapot as a bludgeon. Dora, the final maid, finds herself crushed by the dumbwaiter. But it wears its commentary lightly.

It is never specified where in America the Le Domases reside, or what politics they espouse, or whether anyone in the family works. Less shocked than crestfallen, Grace incapacitates the kid with a punch. He awakens sometime later, to find his elders standing over him, asking, in halfhearted admonishment, why he shot his new aunt. By Helen Rosner. The series, whose first six seasons are available to American viewers on Hulu a Hulu-exclusive seventh season was recently announced , follows the goings on of the titular town, a farming hamlet in rural Ontario.

Everyone is great-looking, has tons of free time, and is somewhere between twenty and thirty-five; they drink, fight, smoke, flirt, and occasionally screw. Our hero, among the five thousand residents of Letterkenny, is Wayne, a square-jawed, straight-spined, taciturn hunk who runs the family farm with his smokeshow sister Katy and two farmhand besties. Each smackdown follows the exact same choreography: once a challenger appears, Wayne pulls a swig of whiskey and hands off the bottle to a friend; he unbuttons his shirtsleeves, lights a cigarette, takes a puff, and flicks the rest away.

The fights are always bloodless, always shot in slow motion. There are five thousand people in Letterkenny, but Wayne always wins. By Rachel Syme. The current glut of content on streaming platforms is less a bubble than a constantly growing haystack; Netflix seems to bury its own shiny gems as quickly as it churns them out. The series begins with ten experienced glassblowers arriving at a warehouse in Hamilton, Ontario. Uhas describes the process of blowing glass using a slew of industry lingo.

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Each contestant first has to melt a mixture of sand and minerals to a taffy-like consistency in a oven heated to more than two thousand degrees. They then add color, and pick up a glob of melted glass with a blower, which they breathe through to enlarge the material into a shape.

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One person goes home in each episode; at the end of the season, the winner earns a prize of sixty thousand dollars and a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass. The contestants and their assistants blow, sweat, grunt, hammer, and stoke hot flames for hours on end. Also: they mess up. A lot. In almost every episode, a contestant will labor over a beautiful piece only to see it shatter.

And then you will have to settle—for a 5. Good Enough. No: "Marrying someone you aren't crazy about only to secure the financial and domestic conveniences of wedlock is as stale and trite as day-old Doritos. Settling represents a failure of both imagination and confidence.

It marks an essential disregard for others and for ourselves: for the capacity to love, to give, to inspire. It's difficult enough to make a marriage last. If we cannot so much as drum up enthusiasm in the beginning—if we lack even the memory of a full-blooded passion to sustain us through times of trial—then we are frail indeed. By settling, we exploit others, and we impoverish ourselves.

Yes: "It's easy to let your physical relationship lag. So being aware of that is a good thing.

But you don't want sex to become something you put in your daily planner next to your dentist appointment. It's more about scheduling intimacy, time for you two to be alone and do whatever it is you need to do. Write date night' in your calendar, and trust me, typically, the sex will follow. No: "Scheduling a specific time for when you're supposed to have sex is silly! I think it takes the spontaneity out of the relationship, and you're going to get bored with each other. And what if you're not both in the mood at the exact time you've put aside?

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If you're with someone who is always so busy on his BlackBerry that he never makes time for you—or sex— I say, just throw the BlackBerry out the window! Yes: "The Carly Simon rule applies: That post isn't about' him, unless he's vain enough to think it is. No: "Blogging only hurt my love life. Try a diary. Some thoughts shouldn't be expressed to anyone but a piece of paper.

Yes: "My husband and I will save enough for a down payment in less than a year! No: "Surviving a tough spot without help serves you better. When you have to get creative about money, you get the best out of yourself. Yes: "After my friend went back to her loser boyfriend for the umpteenth time, I confronted her. I told her that he was emotionally abusive and that I didn't want to hear another word about him—that he'd asked her to lose weight, spent all her money, etc.

I was so concerned I even talked to her mom about it. Well, my friend lost it. Our friendship was rocky for a whole year until she finally left the guy, but I have no regrets about speaking up. I couldn't just stand by silently, even if it hurt both of us at the time. I wouldn't want that to happen to me! No: "Keep your opinions to yourself! My friend is dating a guy I can't stand. I'll listen to all the crap he puts her through, but since my advice falls on deaf ears, I stopped offering it.

I know from experience she has to see for herself that he's a scumbag. I once dated a guy no one liked, but I didn't listen—until he cheated. Yes: "Vamps are best for an amazing fling. They're attractive and yearning, and they have decades—even centuries—of practice in bed. While catering a college conservative event, the Party Down crew are given advice by the students.

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Casey wonders if she should move to Vermont with her husband to pursue being a comedian. Ron is tasked with preparing a gift for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who's scheduled to attend. Roman is able to slip in his film script as a part of the gift for the Governor. Casey is given an ultimatum by her husband, and after a few drinks she texts him that she wants a divorce. Shortly after, Casey and Henry begin to make out and eventually have sex. An elderly man collapses and is revived by Constance. Tony Carolla Daran Norris , a land tycoon hosts a party for possible investors for a Mexican condo project.

While catering the event, Henry and Casey discuss what their status is, and agree to a casual relationship. Kyle makes a friend Ryan Devlin at the party, hoping to become successful like him—but ends up ditching plans for an after party with him after how he talks about Constance, and decides to hang out with her instead.

Henry comes to the conclusion Carolla is scamming the investors after realizing none of the phones work, the rest of the house is empty, and recognizes a man from his acting class. After Ron writes a check of his life savings to Carolla to invest, Henry exposes that it is a scam, and Carolla pulls out a gun.

Ron, thinking it is the prop gun Roman brought, stands up to Carolla and demands he be given his money back.


After realizing he is holding a real gun, he drops to the floor and Carolla is able to flee. While catering an adult entertainment awards afterparty, Ron gets an offer from a producer Mather Zickel to star in a porn film, to get paid enough money to be able to start up his "Soup 'R Crackers" franchise. Kyle tries to teach Roman how to play it cool around the porn stars, but to no such luck.