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Alternative Worlds Well-Known Member. Joined Jun 20, Messages 1, Beth learns she is Chanku and her soulmate is Nick.

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Although she relishes the sex, she must confront her past if she and Nick are going to reach the nirvana like other Chanku have with their soulmates. Larra knows the rumors that her new husband is truly a beast. She trembles in fear expecting a disfigured spouse, but Dauer instead caresses her into trembles of passionate happiness. Five years ago were-jaguars Gemma and Hunter knew they were soul mates from their first look, but he abruptly vanished.

Now as she get ready to marry someone else, Hunter returns to kidnap his beloved.

These three fabulous erotic urban fantasy novellas are terrific tales starring lead protagonists who are great in the boudoir and insure the audience believes in shapeshifters. You must log in or register to reply here.

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It is also a provocative one. Faced with the perplexing question of how to write about a person when the evidence is sketchy and often misleading, Schiff has hit on an ingenious solution. She has written a biography in negative, describing the outlines of what she cannot know by brilliantly coloring around the queen.

Schiff does have a skeleton to work with, some mostly uncontested facts. Born in 69 B. Her lineage is impossible to untangle but certainly inbred and stunted; her ancestors had a tendency to kill each other as Cleopatra would later kill her siblings.

She was the lover—though what part love played is a matter for speculation—of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, the world's two most powerful men, and the mother of their children. For good measure, she was a nemesis of the third, Octavian.

Summary Bibliography: Kate Douglas

Independent, intelligent, charismatic, and ambitious, she was a ruler first and last. Her enemies called her a harlot. Schiff sees her as pragmatic. Throughout her life, Rome would need Egypt's money, and Cleopatra would need its favor. Seduction is always a part of diplomacy, and Cleopatra knew how to cajole, humor, flatter, and intimidate.

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She understood that appearances matter. She could control her entrance, if not her reputation. Schiff repeatedly summons other historians' accounts and then points out why they can't be trusted. But once she has established the likely motivations, she is not afraid to tell the good story. At times, she does what she more often condemns, indulging in flights of fancy—even while establishing what's speculative, what's false, and what's grounded in truth.

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While Antony "gaped" at one show of luxury, "Cleopatra smiled modestly. She had been in a hurry.