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Read: How to make the most of Facebook marketing during holidays? Ever since it was acquired by Facebook back in , Instagram's done an awful lot of growing up--and gone through some rather grandiose changes.

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The new Instagram Stories feature, which lets users record and stream real-time video, coupled with the new multiple posts update, gives users even more opportunities to tag, share, and follow friends, enemies, frenemies and strangers alike. However, being a photo app means users--whether they realize it or not--are constantly broadcasting highly personal information out into the world wide web.

In order to keep your Insta-fame to a minimum, watch this video for some quick social media safety tips for insta-privacy. Telling the world where you are at any given moment is basically given strangers an open invitation to stalk you. Using the block feature helps remove them from your social media feed, and it prevents them from seeing your posts. Yes, these people can create new accounts to stalk you, but to deal with that you all need to do is change your account from public to private.

Hashtags have skyrocketed in popularity, and with the character limit, tweeting has become something of an artform. Twitter actually updated their safety protocols a few months ago, but there are still simple steps you can take.

6 Ways to Stay Safe on Facebook

Potentially the most invasive feature of Twitter also happens to be completely optional. By choosing to add your location to your tweets, you open the door for people to not only stalk you online but also in real life. Skip the formalities and hide your location information by going to the Settings menu. The site opened its doors to all users several years ago and has seen a huge increase in the number of registered members. Most people use Facebook simply as a tool for staying connected with their friends, family, and classmates, but as with any social network, there are dangers in putting too much personal information online.

Here are a few ways to protect your information and yourself using the built-in privacy settings of Facebook.

5 Ways to Stay Safe on Facebook

You might innocently enter information such as your phone number, physical address, and email address as you fill out your Facebook profile but you may not realize that this information can be visible to friends, friends of friends, or even strangers, depending on your privacy settings. You may even want to create a free email address at a service like Yahoo or Hotmail and use it when a website requires an email address to sign up.

From this page, you can control some basic settings, including the email address that you use to login and your password. The Account Security Option is useful in that it notifies you if your Facebook account is accessed from a new computer or mobile device, such as an iPhone. You may not remember that you have the option enabled, which could cause undue worry.

Facebook is extremely customizable in regards to these settings. Nearly every aspect of your profile can be customized to determine who can view each section.

Revised Privacy Policy and Information about Cookies

So better put extra security in your account by enabling two-factor authentication. To do that on Facebook, go to Settings, then click on Security and Login, and turn it on. We strongly advise against choosing SMS as the second factor.

So, please disable text message SMS for two-factor and use the Code Generator, or, even better, a physical security key such as a YubiKey. Note that you can turn on two-factor without giving your phone number at all if you turn on Code Generator and Security Key.

Turn on Login Alerts. If you turn on this feature, when someone logs into your Facebook account, you will get notified, and can do something about it.

How to use Facebook Messenger

Review Authorized Logins. Facebook allows some third-party apps such as Tinder to log in without you inputting your password or second factor.

This is very convenient, but can be abused. Review what apps have this superpower and revoke it if something seems off. Your Facebook account may be on lockdown and really hard to hack, but if someone takes over the email account associated with it, they may leverage that to get in.

How to Stay Safe on Facebook?

Enable GPG for extra paranoia. And these are just basic steps to limit that collection a little bit Facebook itself has a similar guide for journalists that can apply to everyone. Get six of our favorite Motherboard stories every day by signing up for our newsletter. Mar 21 , pm.