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Sorry I've not got time to look up further details, hope this is enough to Google it to check it out Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Book about people with telepathy Ask Question. Does anyone know what this is? FuzzyBoots k 12 12 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. James James 66 3 3 bronze badges. When did you read it? In what country? Do you remember anything else at all -- this description is probably too vague to be useful? Zeiss Ikon Zeiss Ikon 9, 1 1 gold badge 17 17 silver badges 53 53 bronze badges.

Pstalemate also appears to include a phony "psychic" but actually telepathic woman, based on this review , "But then he notices a fortune-teller at another party's table. Thanks, apsillers, it's been a long time since I last read the book. Thanks for this, looks good, not the book I was looking for, but I will grab a copy and give it a read.

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Janifer under the pen-name of "Mark Phillips" It's part of a trilogy - I've only read the first one Brain Twister and my memory of it is a bit sketchy, but it's about the right period and has competing cold war spy organisations of psychics. Happy Robot Happy Robot 1, 4 4 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges. Further details on the Mark Phillips Wikipedia page. Even better, the "psi-power" series of which The Impossibles is book 2 is in the public domain in the U.

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Many thanks for the link, its not the one I was looking for, but it does look like a good read though. Generally "I think it's this, go google" is a poor answer for SE sites. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. Seems there was a girl who got lost or something and ended up in a cave of sorts. She met all four seasons who were brothers and they rarely met. One of them brought back news from the Phoenix who had made a hole in a leaf as greeting.

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Not sure when this book was published. I read it in the early 80s. Can't remember name or author. I believe it had a yellow cover. It was about a girl named Claire.

Surviving Telepathy

Her mother was abusive and they had to go live with the grandmother who was also abusive. She's an artist and ends up meeting this boy can't remember his name who is really nice to her in school and he is well off. They end up meeting an old man who helps her get the things she needs to draw with but she has to hide them. Either the mom or grandmother finds her things and ends up almost killing her. She gets saved by the boy and goes to live with his family. That's all I really remember about this book.

I have been trying to find it off and on for a few years now and still can't remember if it was my book or one I borrowed from the library. This sounds familiar Submitted by Persimfans not verified on October 21, - am. A husband and wife with two daughters adopt a little boy. The parents and the two girls are murdered, but the little boy is hiding and doesn't get killed.

The husband's brother takes custody of the little boy who doesn't talk and investigates the murder i think he may be a policeman. There are other families that get killed and he has to figure out the connection. Can't remember the title Submitted by Kalen not verified on December 27, - pm. I can't remember the title of a book that was about boy the wanted to wrestle me he lived with his mom. He had cousins that would gamble in an underground club. He would go wrestle and do training with a man up stairs in a building.

I'm not sure of the author but I think the book you're looking for is called the contender. I once heard an audiobook about a man who loses his wife and son to a car accident and he has to go I think its to purgatory or something like that and he becomes like a gladiator or something like that, and there are people waiting to enter a gate and there are bodies of babies and a woman in line grabs one and runs through the gate with it. The man finally saves his wife and son but returns to help out in purgatory.

I can't remember this book!! When I was in school we read a book about a boy who ran away from home, we also watched it in episode's. I'm sure that he ended up getting killed but this man who cut their hair short back and sides and hut them under the floorboards of his house. Aboriginal Maori or native Australian? Book heard on radio in early 70s Contacted possible reader but wasn't him. Boy searching wild country to find a spirit. Makes his way to the ocean where he finds the great spirit in a tiny rock or stone. YA Dragon Fantasy series? Young prince about 12?

Female author??? What is the name of this book?

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It is about a girl who, in the first chapter, escapes from her house through a closet. She discovers her necklace glows and the passage through the closet leads to the street. I can't remember how I think her mother might have given it to her but she has an address that she finds. It's a big house where two boys live. I didn't read past the first three chapters but I think the enemy could use either shadows or spots of light to teleport. Can't remember much else.

Anything sound familiar? It's probably a clockwork Submitted by Guest not verified on October 23, - pm. It's probably a clockwork angel By Cassandra claire the author of the mortal instruments series. Book about black children Submitted by WM not verified on December 30, - am. I think I read this book for school either in the late 's or early 's. I barely remember any of it, but I think it may have been a true story, from a black boy or man's point of view about when he grew up.

I remember in part of the book, one kid was laying on the couch, and another kid, a sibling I think, came and hurt him really bad. Like hit him with an object, or stabbed him or something. For some reason, I seem to remember a kid playing with toy boats in the toilet, or maybe he was making something move in the toilet with his urine stream.

Surviving Telepathy - Stefon Mears — Official Website

For some reason, that title reminds me of what the book may have been similarly called. I would have never even thought again of the book until I heard that title, so it triggered something in my brain. Parts of the book were disturbing, and I remember thinking that the book was kind of violent and sometimes disturbing.

Anyway, it is driving me crazy, and I want to know what book it was. YA fantasy book 's Submitted by Bobbi not verified on December 30, - am. It was about a girl who looks into a mirror which has the moon phases carved around its frame and she gets transported to the past. Someone searched for book with an almost identical description in the posts above, The Mirror by Marlys Millhiser was suggested.

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I read a book 3 months back Submitted by Anjali not verified on April 14, - am. I read a book 3 months back but m unable to remember its name. The story was about a boy who is an introvert yet intelligent and he makes a girl best friend who he does not like at first and end up falling for her sister who is engaged to someone else.