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They aren't above ants to me, but are still quite fun to learn about. When it comes to bees, I am of course in awe on their comb-making abilities. But it's astonishing how intricate things are beyond this, and I especially love to think how a bee experiences things. Smell with the antennae, in the dark-black in constant contact with sisters, sticky nectar and pollen, taking care of larvae like little babies in a crib, flying in a blur of black-and-white to tend to the flowers with more attention than any gardener, the sun as a guide.

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Biology has a significant place in my head. I feel a longing and importance to learn everything about bees and the other organisms we share a little place with. And of course, the epilogue ends on that frequent, sad note of books on nature demonstrating how much we rely on and need to understand the amazing things around us that we contribute to diminish.

The Buzz about Bees : Biology of a Superorganism by Jürgen Tautz (2009, Hardcover)

View 2 comments. Nov 28, Bill Robson rated it it was amazing. I've read about a dozen books about bees. I'm a beekeeper. This is the most interesting book about bees I've read. It's not about how to keep bees, but delves were other books don't venture. Easy yo read and gives a new perspective or parading shift on this topic! A must read for a beekeeper and easy to understand for the general public. Jun 07, James Prentice rated it it was amazing.

The Buzz about Bees: Biology of a Superorganism | Biology, Bee, Bee keeping

There is so much to say about this book. It's full of lovely pictures that illustrate most of the points in the book. The book is about bees and not bee keeping, but it gave me a lot of things to think about while managing our hives. Because I know how important bees are, I wish everyone would read this book.

It's a real pleasure and well done. There are a few dry patches but I think anyone with an interest will enjoy this read. Jul 13, Mark Moon rated it really liked it Shelves: subject-biology , subject-society , r , library-read. More like 3. This book is very accessible, but also a little light on detail. Nonetheless, I learned a lot. I was fascinated, enchanted, and sometimes grossed out a little. The best thing about this book is that it is chock full of excellent photographs of bees and their hives. Oct 20, Madison Deppe rated it it was amazing.

So much so that I am genuinely grateful for having had this book cross my path, for I will carry and ponder on and use this information and knowledge in the years to come when working with or simply admiring bees! Oct 11, Linda Shaver rated it it was amazing Shelves: library , non-fiction , bees , science. Amazing book - should be required reading. Aug 28, Margob99 rated it it was amazing. I thought this book walked the tightrope of popular appeal and scientific terminology with great aplomb.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, but then I am a beekeeper. I found the theory that Tautz is proposing fascinating; what a thought - to reclassify bees from insect to mammal. His arguments are persuasive although I was not altogether brought round - the idea is just too radical for me. But the research was incredible, the results useful and the photography out of this world! Highly recommended for I thought this book walked the tightrope of popular appeal and scientific terminology with great aplomb.

Highly recommended for other beekeepers. Feb 17, Eli rated it liked it Shelves: science , didn-t-finish. Amazing photography.

The buzz about bees: biology of a superorganism

The science however, while fascinating, is so dense and jumps unnervingly from one discipline to the next - often in a single paragraph. The blurb on the author touts his ability to make deep science accessible to laypeople. This book at least sadly misses that mark. The translation also is at times confusing, and other times clearly making up new words and constructs - and not in a good way.

I'd still recommend it, just know what you're getting into: a tough textbook Amazing photography. I'd still recommend it, just know what you're getting into: a tough textbook treatment, not a popularization of an exciting biology. Over 50 of them are full-page photos and give the volume … a particular aesthetic allure. Any beekeeper … who has ever tried to photograph their bees would be envious. As a basic work, 'The Buzz about Bees' is not only a milestone in bee literature for … beekeepers, but … recommended for anyone interested in nature.

Let's start with the pictures. You look at them and are astounded and numerous adjectives occur to you: radiant, brilliant, magnificent, sharp, informative … When it comes to the text, I have to admit: Tautz has it easy. In ten clearly structured chapters, Tautz describes the life of the individual bees and of the entire swarm … Tautz … links bees and their way of life with many aspects of modern human technology. Readers familiar with scientific literature will initially be surprised: an academic book completely free from diagrams and tables, and all in an easy-to-read style with linguistic concessions to popular science.

The detail provided in all the information in this book really gives excellent insight into the structure of the hive and the behavior of the bees without getting bogged down in incomprehensible jargon. Additionally, the plentiful photographs are incredible. Anyone who is interested in honeybees should read this book. It was hard to put the book down, once I started reading it.

The Buzz About Bees - Jürgen Tautz & Helga R. Heilmann

Finally it has been published in English and I am delighted that I can share this book with all my friends here in the US. The Buzz about Bees is a fascinating and groundbreaking book! Tautz and his team have done an excellent job presenting their research and studies, also the photographs are of very high quality and are quite beautiful.

Tautz's approach to understanding the life of the bees is very innovative and inspiring. Many new and mesmerizing facts about bees are presented such as the mammal-like qualities of the bees.

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The journey through the book continues from the bee colony - a mammal in many bodies and moves to the super-organism, which describes the honeybee colony as an undividable entity and as an organic interpretation of an individual. The captivating facts put forth by the author are many. Propagated Immortality. Honeybeesa Model for Success. What Bees Know About Flowers. Honeybee Sex and Virgin Brides. Cultivated Intelligence. The Circle Closes.