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Also, he was suspended for joining a protest boycott from college. He went to Johannesburg where, by correspondence, he finished his BA, took clerkship papers and began studying for his LLB. The Nelson Mandela essay is an insight into the life and works of the great man.

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During daylight hours locked up in his cell, deprived of music, he was denied these two simple pleasures for centuries. Concerts were organized with his fellow inmates as far as possible, especially at Christmas time, where they would sing. Nelson Mandela finds music very uplifting and is interested in European classical music as well as African choral music and the many talents in South African music.

Nelson Mandela is still up by 4. He started his exercise routine by 5 am, which lasts for at least an hour.

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Breakfast is at 6. With a normal working day of at nearly 12 hours, time management is critical and Nelson Mandela is highly impatient with impunctuality, considering it to be insulting to those with whom you deal.

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  • Get the huge list of more than Essay Topics and Ideas. He has conducted comprehensive traveling since his release from prison when he spoke. This has put on my shoulders a huge burden.

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    And wherever I travel, I instantly start missing the familiar—the mine dumps, the uniquely South African color and smell, and especially the individuals. Mandela accepted the Nobel Peace Prize as a tribute to all those who worked for peace and opposed racism. Based on the collected evidence, Mandela was brought to stand trial with them.

    Known as the Rivonia Trials, on October 8, , they were charged with sabotage and attempting to overthrow the state violently.

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    The trial lasted for months. The trial ended on June 12, , and Mandela and the other accused were found guilty of sabotage and sentenced to life imprisonment. Mandela arrived on Robben Island in the winter of where he spent 18 of his 27 prison years to The South African government built a new maximum security building especially for political prisoners to keep them away from the other prisoners.

    The security believed the political prisoners would influence the other prisoners. At the prison, the prisoners were categorized from A to D, and due to his transgressions, Mandela was ranked D, which allowed him the least amount of privileges.

    He was allowed to send and receive one letter in six months and have only one visitor. He eventually worked his way up the prison ranking system and was able to receive four visits a year, where his mother visited before her death in He and other political prisoners were assigned work at the Lime Quarry where they dug limestone.

    The daily routine was to work eight hours a day breaking the limestone slate boulders into stone that was used to pave roads. The work was strenuous and unsafe since the glare from the white rocks caused impairment to the eyes. Conditions were better here and he was allowed contact with his family. Due to the damp conditions at the jail, Mandela came down with tuberculosis in and as a result, he was admitted to the Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town and spent six weeks recuperating.

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    That following December he was transferred to the Victor Verster Prison in Paarl, where he would stay for fourteen months before he was released from prison. The president at the time, F. Mandela continued to immerse himself in politics, holding meetings and giving official talks and speeches.

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    • Mandela and President de Klerk were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in for their work towards abolishing apartheid. The ceremony was televised internationally, while numerous people gathered to see in the inauguration speech. At the end of one term, Mandela gave his last address to the South African nation and retired from active politics in February After leaving office, he continued to lend his efforts to humanitarian services.


      However, his health deteriorated and Mandela was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Despite his prognosis, Mandela remained active. In , on his 91st birthday, the United Nations declared July 18th , as Mandela Day, in recognition of his contribution to the culture of peace and freedom. In , he moved back to his home in Qunu , Eastern Cape where he receives numerous visitors, including U.

      In March , Mandela was admitted to the hospital for a lung infection. For the next months, he is in and out of the hospital and spends his 95th birthday there surrounded by love and support. Mandela passed away on December 10, South Africa was in deep mourning and self-reflection, and the nation observed this death for a period of 10 days. Numerous memorial services were conducted across the country. His legacy remains throughout South Africa and the world.