PDF The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of My Feet: Tales from the World of Adventure Racing

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What do you want from me? Away from it all, But is it every Because I love you, I. The Wallflower. I have always been the wallflower When I tried to bloom away with the wind, I came back with no power. Week by week, day Who knows?

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Her Own Enemy. Life seems normal, content and all. From the outside you see a girl whose standing tall. But the truth is really a much Even though you cannot see.

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Hi I have a few disorders ones you cannot pshycally see Im different in many ways to start a list here i go manic Only Hours. Everything is dark, I feel like my Tjw Weed. Ignorance is Bliss. And I still have tolerance, As I wait for an aching kiss. Pacing the hallway back and forth, I feel my breath quicken with each step. I receive the signal to enter the room, So I I've seen my mother cry twice-once when my dog died, and once when I tried to.

I give you such a Its everywhere around the room Piles are here and there bulging from the drawers unraveled and unmaintained years of Evidences of broken men. What long walk shall I take home to stretch my weary heart? She Wants Head down, beating on the pavement Not lonely just empty The sight and lust for Yet Another.

I make ruins of what was already shambled; I trample over the brain of a once great village. The heart of the city I, grit The Voice Inside Me. It whispers to me like the wind whispers through the trees. It calls to me as a mother calls for her children. It seeks the Forever Need to Change. Depression No More. They tell me what were you thinking. You seemed so happy.

But they never knew how i felt inside, the sadness and The Story of a Girl. In a world overrun with the pressure to be perfect, lives a girl tired of feeling helpless. Day after day she puts on a They all asking what's wrong Why am I so destructive Maybe I'm just defective Everyday's the same Feeling so locked inside Mistakes Happen.

A swim. In the abyss a crevice of black I curl my neck ready to attack With inked rapiers in my claws I slash and stab hoping for This Thing Called Success. I heard the other day About a girl Just a few years older than me Who took her own life She had it all The love and support The darkness formed a box in my mind, Trapping my thoughts and never letting me see the light. I'm trapped within my own You feel very fragile just like glass When it comes to problems that appear in your life Making it more difficult than it I am like glass Fragile and easily broken I am like dirt Walked on by the people who feel they are more important than me By The don't understand my illness.

They ask "why aren't you better yet? You have so many friends, you're not poor. There's no How Will You Love. I have fire in my mind Ice in my heart Light in my eyes Darkness in my soul My demons consumed me And spit me whole I found The Darkness Within. Jewels lie upon me everywhere, uneasy life has deteriorated I seek answers mind in delirium for what jewels i may discover I'm always dreaming, Even when I'm awake. In my dreams, I have control Usually Until one day, There was a razor in my What makes me beautiful.. What makes me beautiful Life is sometimes rough but everything happens for a reason always make sure to be yourself Open your mind and your I see how you suffer I want so badly to help But I do not know how Will you tell me?

Is my smile okay? Was my hug comforting Poem Unknown.

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They are like a conflagration, they are simply memorable Communication of the Unspoken. Unanswered questions. What if I told you I wasn't okay? If no one would listen. Or were their thoughts preoccupied? The day I Why did you go? Why did you leave? Was there anything I could have done? Now as I sit here and cry I wonder why. I miss The Rainstorm. We will sit under rain clouds and The Story on Your Arms. Your wrists, your arms, your ankles, your thighs. Look me in the eyes and tell me you're fine. You're stronger than you know The Game of Life. New players start at level 1.

There's not much you can do. The enemies are too difficult - one hit and you're down, the Auto-Who gives a fuck. Welcome to the mind of the twisted minded Depression took him over, now he is blinded From what he can remember he was The Insensible One. She sits. She waits. Alone, ever so, in the dark corners of her mind.

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She muses. She doubts. Love is but a myth to her Dear ED. Dear ED, or should I call you by your real name? Oh, how far we go back. I have written this letter in my head Still an Ember Within. Is this how my life From Dark to Light. Fate could be any darker, waking to broken dreams and nightmares, never to reach full potential, the light ahead seemed so I wear a size seven, you want me to be a three.

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Forget what you say. This is real, this is me. I wear a size large, you want To capture the beauty of the sky or the Skin and Fat. Mocking mirrors here and therealways relishing my despair. Never ceasing in their testimonyuntil I miraculously become bony. Truth of Me. I see the smiles, hear the laughs of my fellows I feel the joy of the society, see the contented hearts of the people All Free My Soul.

Held hostage by hurt Like dreams in a catcher I long to be free For myself ever after I try my hardest to not show I care Or Nothing is Mine. I still remember that call. Right after I got out of the hospital It was stabbing into my ears just yesterday. Mirror, Mirror. When I was five I wanted to be a princess. I wore pretty dresses and mommy's heels to make me tall.

Even at that age I strove You make me get a headache of varying intensity, with the company of nausea and now I How I see Miley Cyrus. I lay here thinking about my life all these things I have to do I'm so young why is all this stuff being thrown at me? I'm Back and Stronger. Hey, remember me? Her Last. There is a thing in my bed It's there when Im asleep to when I'm awake It holds on to me no matter what is said Then it Innocence is lost as knowledge is gained Soon, as they held on to know something As they regain the violence, and else will Evaluation and Analyze. There is this girl I know.

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There is this girl I know She sits in the back of the class, quiet Never thinking and never speaking She is hurt, and she The Demons Inside. Five cuts, Six cuts, Seven cuts, Eight, Want some dinner Feeling Alone Sad and broken. Everything is goneNothing left except the memories i have drawnBut are they truly a memory? Or just broken He who is My Pain He sneaks up on me when I least expect him to. My Journey.

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