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Viminy Crowe's Comic Book (Paperback)

Current Affairs. Historical Fiction. True Crime. Profession: Author. Event Coordinator. Film Executive. Foreign Publisher.

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Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Comic geeks or not, many are likely to enjoy this humorous and action-packed adventure. However, it will certainly appeal to those who love comics because the story is about two children who get pulled into a steampunk comic book. Young Wylder Wallace meets a girl his own age, Addy, at the Toronto International Comic Book Festival, and they immediately dislike each other, which creates a nice tension between the two main characters of the story. The rest of the book tells the story of their being forced to work together and eventually becoming friends.

This extra concern means the children not only have to survive the imaginary world Viminy created, but also must fix the plot itself so Viminy can keep his contract. They also are aware that the characters in the book think they are real. Once Addy enters the comic book, the characters confuse Nelly and Addy, and at times, so does Wylder. Various steampunk devices and robots are dropped in for extra flavoring. Basically, this book is a great chapter book about two kids on an adventure, but what makes it more than just a typical well-written adventure tale is that it combines the Chapter Book with the Comic Book.

Viminy Crowe's comic book

The story is mainly a chapter book, but since it takes place mostly in a comic book, there are more illustrations than is usual for a YA novel, and those illustrations, of course, are of the comic book world that young Wylder and Addy have entered. The overall result is a very original work of art that will appeal to both boys and girls, since both Wylder and Addy are strong characters, and their interactions are the main interest of the story.

Blending narrative with comics this tale offers a humorous story for readers who like adventure with a laugh. Richard Scrimger is the award-winning author of nine novels for young readers, three picture books, and three books for adults.

The art of story.

His works have been translated into eight languages, and have been critically acclaimed around the world. He has four teenaged children, a collection of speeding tickets, and, usually, a puzzled expression.

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